What Is Biblical Counseling?

If you are a Christian looking for counseling, you may be wondering "What is Biblical Counseling?". The truth is that no Christian counselor would ever claim that his or her counseling is "unbiblical".

However, there is a specific strain of counseling called "Biblical Counseling" that is distinctly different from other forms of Christian counseling.

What makes biblical counseling different? Below I will highlight four foundational truths that make Biblical Counseling unique from other forms of Christian counseling.

Foundation #1 - Your Relationship With God Matters

It's important for Biblical Counselors to not only address the problems that bring you to counseling, but your underlying relationship with God.

While your current circumstances may have led you to contact a counselor, it is your relationship with God that will have the greatest impact on your mental and spiritual health.

While a close relationship with God through Jesus Christ does not eliminate the pain and difficulty of life in a fallen world, it does give you access to the resources you need to stand firm under the pressures of life.

Foundation #2 - Biblical Truth Is Foundational

The Biblical Counselor believes in the power of God's Word and we seek to point you to biblical truth for help when dealing with life's challenges.

While many counseling approaches focus on "getting things off your chest", Biblical Counseling focuses on storing up truth in your heart.

You'll find that much time is spent studying, discussing and applying the Word of God to your life.

We will share biblical truth with you and hold you accountable to be doers of the Word, not merely hearers.

Foundation #3 - The Holy Spirit Is The Agent Of Change

Much of modern day counseling is build upon the faulty belief that the counselor holds the key to solving your problems.

Biblical Counseling recognizes that the true power for help and change come from the Holy Spirit.

The role of the counselor then, is not to replace the Holy Spirit, but to seek to be used by the Holy Spirit to help the counselee.

The Biblical Counselor will continually help the counselee depend more and more upon God's ability and less and less on the counselor's ability.

We will also pray for you and encourage you as a fellow sinner in need of grace.

Foundation #4 -  Biblical Counseling addresses the heart

Biblical Counselors believe that the internal motivations of your heart are just as important as the external circumstances of your life.

While external circumstances can certainly bring unwanted pain into our lives, they are often out of our control. 

However, our hearts determine how we respond to our outer circumstances. In fact, the heart is like the CPU in a computer that determines how we process the world around us.

Therefore, it's important to spend time "reprogramming" the heart so that we can begin to interact with the world around us in a way that glorifies God.

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