Online Christian Premarital Counseling

Getting Christian premarital counseling online from Heart Talk Biblical Counseling is a great way to prepare yourself for a lifelong marriage that honors God.

While many Christian couples get bogged down with the details of the wedding day, it's what happens after you say "I do" that really matters.

  • How will you handle conflict?
  • Will you have a budget?
  • How will you discipline your children?
  • What does healthy communication look like

These are just some of the premarital counseling questions that you'll discuss with your biblical counselor during the course of your premarital counseling sessions.




why do premarital counseling online?

Heart Talk Biblical Counseling offers Christian premarital counseling online because we know not everyone has access to a qualified biblical counselor in their area.

At Heart Talk, we are passionate about getting Christian couples on the right track and we don't want geographical boundaries to prevent anyone from getting access to premarital counseling.

Online premarital counseling is also very convenient. You can skip the traffic and save time with online counseling. And while we still offer in-person Christian premarital counseling in Orlando, we gladly offer our services nationwide to anyone with a desire to honor God in their marriage.

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