Biblical Counseling Heart Journal

The Heart Journal is a biblical counseling tool used to uncover heart issues underlying sinful behavior. Since the thoughts, beliefs, and desires of our heart motivate our behavior, it's crucial we address the heart when trying to change.

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You will receive a copy of your responses.
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Think of the "who", "what", "where", "when", and "why" and "how" leading up to your response.
Provide your best guess if you can't remember your exact thoughts or desires in that moment. Be honest and thorough in your answer.
Imagine someone video recorded your sinful response. What would a viewer see and hear? Give us a play by play commentary.
Describe a way you could have responded to the same circumstances in a way that would have glorified God.
If you were trying to help someone else in the exact same situation. What biblical truths would you teach them? Can you think of specific bible verses? Does God's Word address this issue?

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